Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Beauty Blogger Box- October

Hey everyone,
Today I'm here with a totally new box to me called the Beauty Blogger box. It is a small company aiming to get products out to beauty bloggers to review and give feedback. I found this company via twitter and their boxes are £10 each including shipping. I will say this though, there are very few boxes available so find out on twitter how to get yours! 
(Excuse the lighting, it's raining again in Oxfordshire!) 
Elizabeth Grant Supreme Essance of Torricelumn 
This first item is a serum to be used after toner and before moisturiser. The directions say to use 1 to 2 pumps day and night and of corse, you all know me. I love a good skincare product. This product will get some good use once my trial sizes are used up! 
Purskin Therapy Resurfacing Formula
This product is a skin treatment used for imperfections, scars and other skin complaints used to balance out pigmentation. I was actually rather happy about this product as although many of you may not know this but actually have a rather large scar on my breast. I have tried many products on it and they just do not work for the colour and fading. I'm willing to give this a shot and will update on Instagram/twitter. 
Pink & Green Organic Facial Cleansing Oil
Another skincare item I am willing to try. I've only recently got myself into cleansing and have found my skin does not react to much. Although this is a small sample, I am happy that it is organic and it also smells like oranges! I have found now though that I do have a good amount of cleanser samples to go through! 
John Gosnell's The Original Vitamin E Cream
After reading the back of this sample I became clear about what this product actually is! From the front it almost looks like a hand cream but it is actually a moisturiser. Again another skincare product (which i am happy about) which I will need to use up before my other samples. 
Xenca Organic Perfection Eyeshadow- Mink 
This item is the only makeup item in the whole blogger box (which I can imagine many people are not happy about). After swatching these two average colour out, they are reasonably pigmented but I would rather use Urban Decay shadows over these. On the positive side though, they are also organic which I will always support. I have heard from other bloggers that some people received lipsticks in their boxes. 

Overall I think that this box was an okay box, however I will not be purchasing again. Currently I am tight for money and I do not feel this box was worth my £10 (let alone the £100 it is meant to be worth!!). I do however think the company are coming up with good ideas and for a small business they are doing well. I think I shall just continue with my Glossybox. 

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